From home to business to bespoke–soak in the sensation of an otherworldly cold tub experience.

The Coldest Tub. The Coolest Transformation.

Get the most out of your daily dip.

Our cold tubs make a great conversation piece—with an aesthetic that complements any environment—but that’s just the beginning. The real connection takes place in body and mind.

Ice Works Bath Co. tubs are designed with elevated features to bring you an otherworldly cold immersion experience. Handcrafted with a robust filtration system and extra-cold chiller, not a single detail is overlooked.

Whether you’re looking to bring the cold immersion life to your personal or commercial space, we’ve got the coolest tub for you.

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Bring the Next Evolution of Healing to Your Wellness Space

Diversify your business offerings with a fully customizable Ice Works Bath Co. Commercial Cold Tub.

Our commercial tubs streamline maintenance for you by featuring a powerful, built-in chemical controller that maintains peak cleanliness, giving you crystal clear, arctic fresh water—on demand.

Upgrade your client experience and attract new business with a cold tub that delivers unparalleled results.

A One-Stop Shop for Your Commercial Tub Installation

Leave the fine-tuning to the experts—with your investment in an Ice Works commercial cold tub comes a team of plunge professionals who will help you optimize your high-traffic space; crafting a safe and seamless cold immersion experience that will benefit your community.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel

the cold tub shift.

Ready to experience the ultimate natural high? The mental, spiritual, and physiological effects of cold immersion elevate your entire sense of wellbeing. Cultivate a better quality of life in just two minutes a day. The small, daily habit of intentional cold exposure can help you increase focus at work, relieve stress and anxiety at home, and enhance your physical health and performance.

Cold immersion brings out the best in you. Want to learn how?

The Power of the Plunge

Discover the Benefits of Cold Immersion Therapy

  • Increases dopamine up to 250% 50% 50%
  • Increases nor-epinephrine by 200 – 300% 75% 75%
  • Increases metabolism up to 350% 100% 100%

Our Partners in Plunge

Our cold tubs have found homes with health and wellness brands across North America. Check out the businesses we’ve partnered with below.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Cold

Take your daily dip to invigorating new heights with our expertly created cold exposure protocols.

Are you ready for an enlivening endorphin rush to boost your circulation, heart, lungs, skin, immune system, and metabolism? Get your hands on our free plunge protocols by signing up for the Ice Works Bath Co. newsletter.

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