The Kind of Therapy That Gives You Chills

Proud creators of the coldest cold tubs in Canada.

Two minutes of cold immersion = five hours of dopamine.

…Is there any better way to start or enhance your day?

The cold exposure experience gives you an edge in every aspect of health. No matter how you feel getting into the tub, you’ll have a renewed zest for life when you emerge.

You’ll feel better mentally with enhanced focus, you’ll experience more stable moods and energy levels, you’ll notice a reduction of pain and inflammation, and you’ll gain a deeper, more grounded connection to self.

While the cold can be intimidating (at first), it’s also an unparalleled opportunity to explore what you’re made of. Here’s your chance to confront your fears while taking an empowered step forward for your health. You are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for—and cold immersion will prove it.

Cold Immersion for Your Health and Healing

Different people are drawn to the cold for different reasons. Just two minutes of full body cold exposure is all it takes to reap the benefits, including:

Enhanced performance and recovery

Reduced inflammation

Faster recovery

Improved mood

Reduced stress and anxiety

Boosted metabolism and immune system

Enhanced focus and motivation

Greater longevity and quality of life

If you’re ready to dip your toes into cold therapy and immerse yourself in a new way of living and being, the Ice Works Bath Co. experience is for you.

Meet the Creators of Ice Works Bath Co.

Co-Founder Joe Rizzi

Co-Founder Rizzi

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