Cold therapy is not just a trend. It’s a movement.

The life-changing benefits of cold immersion are backed by science and impossible to ignore, making our fully customizable commercial cold tubs a transformative enhancement to your wellness centre, gym, or spa.

It’s no secret: Cold immersion is the real deal.

So why not bring the benefits of cold water into reach by offering your community a one-of-a-kind experience?

Our commercial cold tub is the safest and most reliable on the market. Every tub meets the provincial building code requirements for public spas. We prioritize testing and regulation, so you can keep on serving your clients with invigorating cold immersion experiences day in and day out.

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JoeChill Commercial Cold Tub

Custom Commercial Cold Tub

“From the very first cold plunge, I was hooked. It has been and will be a continued practice in my life. I feel strong, proud and empowered in my body. I gained a new level of respect for myself and the heights my body and mind can go with the right guidance. Beyond the physical aspect and benefits of cold plunging, I feel a mental boost of clarity that lasts well into the days that follow. I sleep better. I feel better. I react better. I am better.”


How can you best utilize a commercial or custom-made cold tub in your business? We’re happy you asked.


Cold immersion reduces inflammation and makes for quicker athletic recovery, allowing gym-goers to optimize their workouts using cold therapy as a holistic approach to managing sore muscles. Not only that, but ice baths stimulate the release of adrenaline, making for a unique and electrifying pre-workout ritual.


Cold therapy is a newly popular feature in many wellness spas due to its long list of health benefits. Contrast the frigid temperatures of an ice bath with the sweltering heat of a hot tub or sauna. The resulting feeling is a euphoric whole body-and-mind experience that will leave your clients in a state of peaceful introspection.


Chiropractors and physiotherapists can utilize ice bath magic to aid in treating patients with various medical conditions. Your clients will emerge from the icy waters with strengthened bodily systems and a rejuvenating boost, resulting in a brighter outlook.

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The Ultimate Comfort in Cold

Cold immersion can be confronting, but well-designed cold tub features go a long way in making your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Our intentionally-designed features include…

Chilling System (temperature can reach down to 2.2 Celsius / 36 Fahrenheit)
Automatic Water Leveler

Automated Chemical Controller

Safety Vacuum Release

Digital Thermostat Control

Fully Customizable

Compliant with Class B Public Spa

CSA, SPE-1000-13 Field Evaluated Certified

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