The Renew Cold Tub

The Renew Cold Tub

Share your love of the polar plunge with a tub that can fit two people. The digital thermostat and advanced oxidation process (AOP) filtration system give you a clean, customizable experience.

Price: Starting at $16,800
*All-Season Cover: $630

* An all-season cover is not required to purchase one of our tubs.

The Renew Cold Tub Details

Interior Dimensions

60″L x 24″W x 24″H*

Exterior Dimensions

90.5″L x 36.5″W x 34″H
(mechanical box)
x 27” H
(tub section)


(2/3 full):
112 gallons


(2/3 full): 1267 lbs
(empty): 350 lbs
* Interior dimensions are approximate.
Safety is always our top priority. Our residential tubs are CSA CPE-1000-13 field evaluation certified.

“I used to cringe at cold; now I crave it. My energy levels are incredible. I know I can do hard things.”

Jess Darmanin

Cold Plunge Lover

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Do you have a personalized cold exposure experience in mind? Our top quality cold tubs can be customized to meet your unique space and needs and are made with the same care and attention to detail as our standard tubs. We’d love to hear about the custom cold tub you’re imagining.

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